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Copters for a Cause LLC organization that aims to aid those in need through our Copters for Charity programs, to aid those in the industry through our Copters Academy,  and provide disaster relief and SAR assistance through our Copters for the Community programs.











Copters for a Cause was founded in August 2010 as a supporting organization.  Our goal was to use these amazing machines to enhance the efforts of the giving public.  Since our founding, we have donated tens of thousands of dollars to non-profits and individuals needing help.


Copters for a Cause has become an organization based on education, charity, and community.   Through our programs and events we hope to showcase the giving ability of these amazing machines and the community surrounding them.  Our organization has three major projects; Copters for Charity, Copters for the Community, and Copters Academy.


Copters for Charity is our fundraising and donations center.  Through this project we aim to improve and increase the fund raising potential of other non-profit organizations through our donations of helicopter services.   These services can be in the form of donations of tours or flight lessons for silent or live auctions, golf ball drops, or the sale of helicopter rides at appropriate charity events.


Copters for the Community focuses on donating helicopter services in the service of the communities that we fly in.  Our hope is to provide helicopter services to aid local law enforcement, search and rescue groups, and other agencies when appropriate.  Helicopters provide an invaluable aid to search and rescue efforts as well as disaster relief and our hope is to improve and increase the capability of these organizations through partnerships with these agencies.


Copters Academy is our chance to give back to the industry we all love.  Our goal is to provide continuing education, mentor ship, and safety promotion to our pilots, mechanics, and operators.


Copters for Community is our opportunity to aid our local communities.  Through donations of helicopter time we can assist with search and rescue, disaster relief, and other projects where these amazing machines can mean the difference between life and death.  Many of our local agencies have limited or no access to appropriate or readily available helicopter services.  Our goal is to work together with these agencies to aid when and where we can.

Copters Academy is our chance to give back to the helicopter industry.  The aim of Copters Academy is to provide pilots, instructors, and mechanics a means of obtaining continuing education and a chance at mentorship.  Copters Academy hosts meetings aimed at both promoting aviation safety as well as technical subject matter.  We bring in local experts to shed light on subjects that many students and instructors struggle with.  We also use these meetings as an opportunity for local instructors, students, FAA Inspectors, and Designated Examiners to get together and discuss issues. Copters will host quarterly safety meetings as well as quarterly instructors,or technical subject meetings every year.


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Cayce Batterson

Founder & Co-Chairman

Copters for a Cause was the vision of Cayce Batterson. He is a professional helicopter pilot that has dedicated his career to teaching. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot helicopter certificate as well as a Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument Instructor, and he is designated as a Pilot Examiner in Colorado, one of three people who conduct check rides for helicopter students. He is also designated as the part 141 Chief Pilot for a flight school in Denver and is the lead instructor in the FAA’s National ASI Indoctrination course, teaching new FAA employees helicopter skills. When he is not teaching, Cayce flies for a Medical Evacuation company in the mountains of Colorado providing transport to critical care patients.  He has flown some of the smallest helicopters in the world and some of the largest, including the CH 54 Skycrane, fighting fires. As you can tell, Cayce loves flying and teaching flying. We think it must be in his blood. He also has a great vision. He hopes to make Copters for a Cause his greatest flying accomplishment.

Michael Maya Charles


Michael Maya Charles is an active general aviation flier with over 40 years of experience in many segments of aviation. In addition, he has over 30 years experience as an aviation writer, speaker and expert commentator, delivering simple explanations of complex aviation subjects.  Michael Maya Charles is a welcome addition to Copters for a Cause.  His many years in the industry and tens of thousands of flight hours give him an amazing ability to help our organization.

Staci Batterson

Co-Founder/Secretary & Event Manager

Staci Batterson is a high school administrator in Colorado and is an active board member for both Copters for a Cause and Cocktails for a Cause.  She has experienced the impact that a helicopter can have on a person's life first hand. On multiple occasions Staci has motivated and awarded her students by offering helicopter rides to kids that show determination and drive to succeed. We actually have flown a helicopter to her school and given the rides starting right there on the school grounds, a great motivator for the kids that didn't get a ride to try harder! Staci is excited to use her skills that motivate high school teenagers for Copters for a Cause.

Rick Durden

Legal Chair

Rick Durden is a practicing aviation attorney, author and pilot. He has been involved with public benefit flying for over 25 years as a volunteer pilot, board member and executive director of two public benefit flying nonprofit organizations.








Copters for Charity is our giving center.  This is our chance to give back to local non-profits and great causes!  Through our Charitable Causes projects we are able to donate helicopter time for ride sales, ball drops, and silent and live auction donations.

David Johnson


David Johnson is principal analyst for Forrester Research, and a former software executive with 15 years of industry experience focused on client management and operational processes. He brings a wonderful depth of knowledge in marketing, product management, strategy, and operations; he is the right person to ensure Copters' numbers are given the proper attention and scrutiny.


David also is also an avid private pilot and co-owner of a Cessna 182




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